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  • Preferred Areas of Practice

    A full suite of services for your business in Washington or British Columbia

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    Set up and maintain your business entity in the USA or Canada

    Washington corporations, BC companies, limited partnerships (LP), Limitied Liability Companies (LLC), partnerships, shareholder agreements, registered agent services and advice related thereto.

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    We provide the expertise to help you raise the money you need to grow your business

    loan agreements, offering memoranda, registration statements, securites filings, continuous disclosure, private placements, opinions for the SEC, crowdfunding, mergers, amalgamations, subscription agreements, Reg D. offerings.


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    Estate and succession planning

    Helping you pass it on

     Business succession planning, international estate planning, wills, estates and probate

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    Real Estate

    From soup to nuts

    Create limited partnerships, limited liability companies, real estate investment trusts, advanced cross-border structures.
    draft, and negotiate commercial leases, easement agreements, covenants
    and restrictions, subordination and non-disturbance agreements, lease
    amendments, and letter agreements.
    Review and analyze title reports,
    construction exhibits, surveys, plats, and purchase contracts use
    restrictions, site plan issues, and environmental issues.


    Principal of Rendina Law Firm. Located in Bellingham Washington. Charles provides advice to Canadian firms entering the USA. 

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    Rendina Law Firm

    We Get Business

    Since 1989 we have been advising clients.

    in British Columbia, 

    In 1999 we became licensed in the State of Washington.

    Located in Bellingham Washington we are well positioned to assist your business realize its cross-border ambitions.


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    Charles Rendina,


    International Business Lawyer

    Called to the Bar in B.C. and Washington.


  • Profiles

    We've got a top notch team!

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    Sandi Lowes

    Corporate Records

    An accomplished corporate records clerk who looks after all of the filings with the various corporate registries

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    Karolina Francis

    Senior Legal Assistant

    A former Immigration Consultant in Canada, an accomplished business owner and a senior legal assistant Karolina provides invaluable service to our clients.

  • What We Do

    Some of our Current Projects

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    Cross-border Real Estate Investment Fund


    Allows Canadian investors to pool resources to finance new U.S. residential investments using a lease option model


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    Parallel Payments


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    FourWall Solutions

    Bringing Canadians together with Real Estate investment opportunities

    Fourwall's team finds successful  real estate investors and offers opportunities for Canadians to partner with those investors for total return.



    We are in Vancouver B.C. every week and can arrange appointments in B.C. or Washington.


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    Phone:  Toll free in North America 


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